Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello, World

New Year's resolutions are evil. We decide to do lots of things, knowing well that we are not going to keep doing them after the initial excitement is gone. And yet, come next New Year's Eve, we do the same. What is the point?

It just so happened that one of my resolutions this year was "go and learn what this social media buzz is all about". Lets admit it: I have never really participated in any blogging before (be it as a commenter or an author), I still fail to understand what Twitter is about and I avoid Facebook like a plague (especially after every new article describing its privacy problems). According to this, I may as well not exist, right? Thing is, I wanted to start an IT blog for quite some time, but there was always an excuse not to - it is too time consuming, I have better things to do, I am not experienced enough, etc etc. What finally motivated me to start one was, funnily enough, a post by an experienced Java developer whose blog I read on a regular basis: he just discovered a thing about computers which is so basic that it is being taught during the first year of University studies. So, if he can admit not knowing some basic things (although I can guess he is not aware that they are basic) and yet publish a successful IT blog, why shouldn't I give it a shot? After all, worst thing that could happen if I turn out to be ignorant about something is that I learn something new.

Since this is supposed to be a programming blog, the post would not be complete without some code (that's an excuse, in fact I just want to test if the fancy syntax highlighting script is working). Behold, then! This snipped sums up what I am planning to do here (for the purists:  yes, I know this will not compile):

public abstract class Blogging {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new Blogging().blog();

    public abstract void blog();

To cut to the chase, this is going to be my attempt at running an IT blog, describing things as I learn them, as well as some I know for some time that may be worth sharing. Since lately I am mostly into mobile development, this will most probably be the thing that will be covered in the near future. However, I will try to keep the content more varied; in fact, the next post most probably won't be related to mobile apps at all (at least not directly).

So, any bets on how long is this New Year's resolution going to last?

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